Saturday, 5 January 2013

Welcome to The Scrambled Seam

Welcome to The Scrambled Seam - the website which cuts to the core of Indian cricket.

I have been an avid cricket follower my whole life and have grown tired of the experts in the press offering the same recycled, half-baked opinion on the greatest sport on Earth. That's why I started this blog - partly to vent my frustration, but mainly to create a community where the thinking cricket fan can call the game how they see it.

Check back here regularly for the latest news and opinion from th Indiam cricket world. As the website grows look out for new content, polls, competitions and other developments. This blog will live or die by your contribution so don't be shy.

If you like the blog, feel free to subscribe and share. If you don't, why not suggest how it can be improved?

Speak to you soon.

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