Friday, 1 February 2013

IPL 6 Auction - Our Shopping List

So, we got our hands on the 101 man list of to-be-auctioned players and started started researching. Who are the stars? Where are the bargains? Why was Ricardo Powell on the list? It took a while but here it is;

IPL6 Auction : Dream Team

We know you cricket fans love getting your information served in elevens, so we made a team of the must have players from the auction. Some obvious, some not. But trust us, these are the men your franchise needs.

Richard Levi $50,000

The hard-hitting South African opener made headlines in 2012 when he crashed 117 of 51 balls setting a new record for 6s in an International innings. That's an example of what happens when this man gets it right. A strike rate of 144.56 in domestic T20 cricket tells you what he's all about. Bargain.

Matthew Wade $200,000

This guy picks himself. Australia's test wicket-keeper. Electric behind the stumps. Powerful hitter. His base price represents his growing reputation in the game.

Ricky Ponting $400,000

Joint highest base price on the auction list. One of the all time greats, Ponting is now 38 years of age and was never known for his T20 ability. That said, he is a superstar of the sport and media coverage seems just as important as wins to the franchises of the IPL. Expect a bidding war for a showpiece player.

Michael Clarke $400,000

The Aussies are coming! The most expensive starting price on the list along with Ponting - and rightly so. The Australian captain cannot be too far from the discussion when you talk about the best player in the world - that said, Australian media reports have suggested Clarke may have been warned away from taking part in the IPL due to possible burnout ahead of the Ashes in July. Whilst his status is 'available', Clarke is sure to be the guy everyone wants.

Darren Bravo $100,000

A player who oozes class but can clear the boundary too. Bravo averages 36.09 in domestic T20 cricket and has hit his stride at the perfect time averaging 75.00 at a strike rate of 151.00 in Trinidad & Tobago's successful Caribbean T20 campaign. A low base price for a player who can match anyone on his day.

Quinton de Kock $20,000

That base price must be missing a zero, right? Wrong! Former South African U-19 captain and likely long-term successor to Mark Boucher, de Kock has drawn plaudits for his fearless batting and sharp glove-work in equal measure. A domestic T20 strike rate of 137.59 and a player who will improve every time he walks onto the pitch, all for a possible $20,000.

Johan Botha $300,000

Former South African T20 captain and the only player out of our 11 who the IPL regard as an all-rounder. Botha brings vast experience and know-how to any team he plays for. He knows where to bowl, he can play a few shots. An International T20 batting average of 18.27 coupled with 37 wickets at 22.24 make Botha a reccomended pick-up, as long as his price does not inflate too far.

Vernon Philander $100,000

The final South African on the list is the 2nd ranked test bowler in cricket according to the ICC (Dale Steyn tops the list.) That in itself tells you something of Philander's pedigree. T20 is a different game though, and his price reflects that fact. We just think that when you factor in a domestic T20 batting average of 30.31, Vernon gets close to must-have territory. If these owners have a clue what they're doing, expect big inflation here.

Jerome Taylor $50,000

One of the outcasts of West Indian cricket, Taylor's talent has never been in question. His temperament? Maybe. If his energy and pace aren't enough to convince you, maybe his domestic T20 bowling average of 19.58 will. If you're still on the fence, a base price of $50,000 should tip you over.

Ajantha Mendis $50,000

I can't tell you how many times I checked to make sure I got this price right. When I think T20 bowlers, I think Ajantha Mendis.

107 domestic T20 wickets at 15.74 and an economy rate of 6.46. Think those numbers are good? Try this.

56 International T20 wickets at 11.48 and an economy rate of 5.84.

I challenge you, find me better International figures than those. T20 is his format. Another case of the missing zero? Owners, you can't afford not to at least try and sign Ajantha Mendis.

Alister McDermott $50,000

Anyone fancy a wildcard? Young. Aggressive. Quick. Tall. Australian. 53 first class wickets at 20.54 tell the story of a bowler we would all be well advised to keep an eye on. Someone take a chance on him, he wont be this cheap next year.


Any players we've missed that you'd like to point out? Or maybe you agree/disagree with what we've said. Let us know by posting a comment below. Don't forget to vote in our poll ---> where we're asking 'Who is going to win the IPL?'

Keep coming back as we update ahead of the IPL, The latter stages of the women's World Cup and India's upcoming series with Australia.


  1. Would love to know the latest news on what has happened to Jerome Taylor? He doesn't even play for Jamaica anymore - only a handful of SL T20 and IPL T20s in the last few years.

    1. It's a good question, I wish i had the answer. He was a lethal bowler at times.

      I know he injured his left hip and got back stress fractures bowling against Australia in November '09. He was charged with disorderly conduct and assaulting a police officer following a bar-room scuffle in Jamaica in January '10 and didn't feature for the West Indies again until the T20 WC in April/May. His WI central contract was then cut in August due to his "limited availability" with the WICB claiming Taylor had shown a "lack of commitment" to a rehabilitation program he had been put on for his back (Taylor refutes this). He was not even in the provisional 30 man squad for the '11 World Cup and went on to play the IPL in May. It wasn't until he'd arrived in India that anyone from the WICB had contacted him for an update on his injury, at which point Taylor was told to play a full domestic season to prove his fitness. Allegedly at this point, he took a year off? I have no idea why. WICB chief executive Ernest Hiliare claimed, "He took a break, went to Jamaica to a funeral, came back and got injured. He was put on a programme. Next thing we heard he was in the IPL." This is one of the reasons his attitude has been called into question as well as his professionalism and desire.

      The bad news for Jerome Taylor is that the current West Indian selection panel were recently voted to stay in until September 2014. The good news is the increasing of West Indian central contracts from 15 to 20, giving him a greater chance of getting back in to the fold.

      Currently, Taylor is working in St. Elizabeth in Jamaica, training at the St Elizabeth Technical School with the senior coach, working on his fitness. He went unsold at the '13 IPL auction so it will be interesting to see his next move.